16 March 20


Mayde Tea chai + nut milks 

Nut milks are not only a great dairy substitute however are fortified with minerals like vitamin D & E, zinc and selenium, which play important roles in immune system functioning. Our Mayde Tea Chais are the perfect match to almond, coconut, cashew and hazlenut milks, enhancing the rich spices of India.


Hazelnut Milk + Vegan Sticky Chai  /

our low fructose Organic Sticky Masala Chai is naturally sweetened with coconut nectar and brown rice syrup to offer a healthier, vegan alternative.

Almond + Coconut Milk + Organic Chai / 

additionally consumed to warm and support digestive function and improve circulation. This aromatic blend of high-grade organic Ceylon black tea, hand-ground herbs and spices retains these restorative, therapeutic properties in a deliciously sweet and spicy brew.

Cashew Milk + Rooibos Turmeric Chai / 

this caffeine-free blend has bright and soothing rooibos at its base. Exotic spices and turmeric are hand-ground before being combined with rooibos to create an anti-inflammatory tonic high in antioxidants and minerals.

To brew 

Organic Chai, Rooibos Turmeric Chai & Sticky Chai
Place 1TBSP into milk jug and cover with hot water. Allow to brew for 2-4 min. Pour in cold milk and use steam wand as normal. Use our stainless steel infuser to strain straight into a mug. Garnish with cinnamon and/or rose petals.