21 October 18

MY GUIDE TO INCREASING YOUR MILK SUPPLY.This isn’t a topic for everyone, so if you aren’t a breastfeeding mum,
please feel free to forward this little bit of info on to one!

For some mummas milk supply is a concern at the start and for others around the 3 month mark as your supply adjusts to meet your baby’s demands (which is totally normal by the way).From a naturopathy perspective, with my clients I start with a well-rounded approach, looking for nutrient deficiencies, diet-specific factors and lifestyle influences. There are however a few things you can look at to help boost your supply:

A General Guide to Boosting Your Milk Supply

// Herbs that help maintain breast milk production are called galactagogues. Some examples are fenugreek, chaste tree, fennel seeds and goats rue. There are some herbs that may decrease breast milk production which are sage and peppermint so these should be avoided. Mayde Tea’s Nursing is a blend of herbs naturopathically formulated to support healthy lactation.

// Hydration! At least 2-3L filtered water per day otherwise you won’t have enough liquid to give!

// Avoid smoking and limit alcohol as much as possible as these have been found to impact breast milk supply.

// Maintaining frequency of breastfeeding is key- as our body has a feedback mechanism which controls the supply, so using a breast pump between feeds can help this feedback.

// Excessive weight loss, stress, mastitis are all conditions that may decrease breast milk production. So supporting sleep, fatigue and anxiety postpartum is really important! As well as a whole foods diet balanced with protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

// Rest, meditation and gentle exercise to help the nervous system. Serenity before bed is great to relax both mum and baby.

Kate x