Everyone’s talking about it (well, at least I am-a lot!)


Symptoms when our digestive system isn’t running optimally:
bloating / flatulence / cramping / intolerances / fatigue / alterations to bowel movements

Why is good gut health so important?

1- It’s where 70% our immune system lives! So, if the lining of the digestive system is damaged, chances are our immune system is going to be compromised. Frequent colds and flus, dragged out recovery times, recurrent infections- sound like you?

2- Our serotonin is produced in the gut. Serotonin is our ‘feel-good’ hormone- and is responsible for our mood, appetite and sleep. It also plays a role in regulating the movement in our intestines. So, compromised digestive health contributes to mood fluctuations (and vice versa).

3- Our gut is where we absorb our nutrients. We could be eating the most organic, nutrient-rich foods but what’s the point if the nutrients aren’t being absorbed? Nutrient deficiencies can lead to all sorts of imbalances in energy, hormones, immune function, sleeping patterns and can even further affect digestive function.


What can cause these imbalances?

To name a few..

stress / antibiotics / SIBO / medication / lack of fibre or water / conventional produce / lack of stomach acid / imbalanced gut bacteria / alcohol / sugar / parasites / eating fast or in a stressful environment


1. Mayde Tea Digest 1 cup after each meal to prevent bloating + encourage bowel movements
2. Mayde Tea Cleanse 1 cup twice daily to encourage the cleansing of toxins
3. The Beauty Chef Cleanse 1 tsp daily with water to encourage detoxification
4. 100% aloe vera juice- 1 tsp daily mixed in 1L of water to improve digestion + reduce irritation
5. Organic, natural bone broth- 1 cup daily between meals to heal the gut lining